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After reading the newest issue of Sports Illustrated, I found some pretty absurd things.

1. The NFL Shop is now selling customizable jersey’s for dogs – including a Eagles Michael Vick jersey – for $39.99.
2. Chicago Blackhawks right wing Patrick Kane and his cousin James Kane were recently inidcted on misdemeanor and assault charges for attacking a cabdriver in Buffalo when he did not have 20 cents to make change for their fare.  Kane pleaded not guilty and afterwards said, “I just reiterated to the judge that I’m not guilty of any crime, and I’m confident in the legal process.”
…Anger Management?
3. ZERO Jacksonville Jaguars home games will be televised locally this year because none of them are sold out.
(Courtesy of Sports Illustrated)
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[TFTM]: txts from ths morning

August 27, 2009 1 comment

(571) me: miss you.

(978) jaybaybay: is this de…i just got a new phone n lost all my numbers

[window of opportunity]
(571): yea dofus. when are you gonna come to NY and see me? we need to cuddle.
(978): ill be there 3rd week in sept…not too long…when you move in?
(571): ahhh yay. i move in a couple days. if you need a place to stay you know my bed is open.
(978): thanks appreciate it…ill let u know…where u livin?
(571): broadway. ahhh jay i miss you can’t wait to see you and cuddle.
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Tucker Max Movie Trailer

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So for all of you that read Tucker Max’s book “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell,” here is the official movie trailer for the movie.

After viewing this preview, the movie looks pretty pathetic and awful. It kind of looks like a spin off of The Hangover.

Episode 9, Season 4 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia pokes fun at Tucker Max’s book. In the episode titled, “Dennis Reynolds: An Erotic Life,” Frank and Mac attempt to sell Dennis’ masterpiece of erotic memoirs.

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Would You Actually Drive This Car?

August 26, 2009 1 comment

Ford Taurus Drive One Home Sweepstakes- – – Enter and win two tickets to the Yankees’ home game Sept. 15 against Toronto. Those are valued at $60 each. Oh, and by the way, the prize also includes a Yankees Special Edition Ford Taurus SHO valued at $42,180.35.

Would someone actually ride around in this thing? Being a Philadelphia sports fan, I don’t care if it was for the Phillies or Eagles or any other team, there is no way I ride in a car that is detailed like this. Maybe Yankees fans are totally lame and would love this car, but I just don’t see it. I feel like this would be the equivalent to going out and buying a Phillies jersey and putting “Roberts” #6 on the back. Maybe when I was in first grade that would fly but you couldn’t catch me dead with my own name and number on a Phillies jersey. I’d even feel bad selling this car knowing that someone actually wanted it and would rather just give it to a homeless guy who could use it for a home/bathroom/love shack. On a side note, the only car with any theme that I would actually drive would have to be the Bat Mobile… now if Ford hooked up with the next Batman movie and made a replica Bat Mobile, I’ll be the first one in line to win that shit. “Hold tight, Bat Turn”

ps. I beat it right before posting this

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Do professionals athletes get off too easily?

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I was talking with some friends last night about Michael Vick (aka Ookie) and the punishment he received. We all argued back and forth whether or not his 18 months in prison was sufficient for the crime he committed and whether or not being allowed back in NFL was appropriate? One girl made a ridiculous comment that Vick should have got the death penalty b/c of his cruel and sadistic treatment of dogs…she clearly had no clue what she’s talking about and I quickly shut her up. But then we all realized something…

Maybe Vick’s imprisonment of 18 months was sufficient. Maybe he should have served another year or two. Either way he served his time and is now back, employed in the NFL. That’s the thing that doesn’t make any sense. If any regular Joe, you or I or anybody not a professional athlete, committed this crime or any crime that involved imprisonment, there is no way we get the same job we had…or any job equivalent to it. We suffer and probably have to become a janitor, garbage man, work the drive thru at McDonald’s or spend our days at the Tractor Supply waiting for a pickup truck to come along offering under-the-table work.
This isn’t the case for Vick or any other professional athlete. Vick was released from federal custody on July 20th and a couple weeks ago signed a contract with the Eagles for a 1-year deal worth $1.6 mil and an option of $5.2 mil for a second season. When I first heard that Vick was back in the NFL I didn’t think twice about it and was cool with it. But when I put things into perspective, it just didn’t seem right that he can go immediately back to livin’ the dream. Roger Goodell could have at least suspended him for the season (like he did to Donte Stallworth). Or maybe Vick should only be allowed to make league minimum. As for Stallworth, he killed a man while under the influence. He served 24 days in prison and now will serve a year of suspension from the NFL. But next year, I’m sure someone will pick him up and he will be making millions again.
Is there something wrong here or is it just me?
Can’t wait till the Eagles have Dog Appreciation Day: bring your dog to the park.
Also, why is it only the NFL you see players getting arrested and imprisoned? You don’t see this happen in the MLB? They just take steroids which is completely fine and they have the occasional recovering druggie who relapses from time to time – which is awesome, heroic and respectable.

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Awkward Turtle of the week.

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About 5 seconds in Charlie Sheen and MJ exchange such an awkward handshake…it’s really uncomfortable.

I’d also like to point out another awkward moment I run into all the time-It happened to me at the gym yesterday. What’s the deal when you see someone and ask them “How’s it going?” and they reply with “Hey, how’s it going?”
What is that? How do you reply to that? I already asked you how you were doing.
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Guy Gets Boner From Candy Wrapper Then Freaks Out

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PONTEFRACT, England, Aug. 25 (UPI) — A British man has complained to candy maker Haribo about a candy wrapper he described as sexually charged.

Simon Simpkins of Pontefract, England, said the Haribo Maoam wrapper depicts a “male” lime character engaged in a “sexy clinch” with a cartoon lemon, The Sun reported Tuesday. Simpkins said in his complaint to the company that the lime bears a “lurid and distasteful” facial expression, the British tabloid reports.

The candy maker said the image was not intended to be interpreted as sexual.

“At no point was it intended to create sexual images,” a representative said.

Ok, so this guy is definitely 100% gay right? What was his beef? Even if the lemon was full out blowing the lime, any straight guy would just simply laugh if he saw that. This guy looked at this wrapper, felt his balls tingle, then threw a hissy fit. Shut the fuck up dude, it’s a candy wrapper.

It does kind of look like the lemon and the lime are fucking though.

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